Yahoo! Search Safety Guide

What is Yahoo! Search?

Yahoo! Search is a tool you can use to sort through hundreds of millions of websites, images, and videos posted on the Web. You could use Yahoo! Search to research projects or see the latest celebrity fashions or current sports scores.

To learn more about Yahoo! Search, check out Search Help.

How can I use Yahoo! Search more safely?

Utilize SafeSearch settings. To protect users from exposure to adult content, Yahoo! provides SafeSearch.   Yahoo!’s SafeSearch can filter out explicit, adult-oriented images and video from search results. SafeSearch is enabled by default, and you can adjust and review the filter settings for your account by following these steps.

How can I report problems on Yahoo! Search?

Although Yahoo!’s SafeSearch filters out a lot of mature content, no filter is perfect, and Yahoo! can’t guarantee that all explicit images, videos, or text will be removed from search results.  If you find objectionable content please fill out the report abuse form located in Help. Please provide specific information, including the url of the offending content when reporting abuse. Yahoo!’s customer care team takes appropriate action as necessary.

We hope that with safety in mind, you can take advantage of the Yahoo! Search to explore the Web!

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