Yahoo! Mobile Safety Guide

How can I use Yahoo! on my mobile device?

The Yahoo! Mobile site and Yahoo! Mobile Apps for your iPhone, Android or Blackberry make it easy to access Yahoo! content and services on your mobile device. You can use Yahoo! Mobile and Yahoo! Mobile Apps to:

  • Read and send email through Yahoo! Mail
  • IM with friends using Yahoo! Messenger
  • Connect to social networking sites such as Facebook
  • Upload photos to Flickr
  • Get the latest news from the Yahoo! homepage
  • Use Yahoo! as a search portal
  • Get maps and driving directions from Yahoo! Maps
  • Customize your Yahoo! Mobile experience to get your favorite content from across the Web

How can I use Yahoo! safely on my mobile device?

Communicating by voice, email, text, or instant messages on your mobile device carries similar risks to those that are possible when you are connected to the Internet on a computer. Check out our general tips for online safety that relate to accessing the Internet on a mobile device, including safeguarding your identity, keeping passwords secret, being cautious about contact with strangers, and creating a family pledge for online safety. 

Compared with the desktop version of Yahoo!, the mobile-device Yahoo! portal will have a modified look, but each Mobile platform will utilize similar safety controls. You can familiarize yourself with the specific safety features for the products integrated into the Yahoo! Mobile platform by reviewing these guides.

Make personal safety on a mobile device a priority by considering these factors:

  • Protect your personal info. Don’t give out personal information that could divulge your physical location to people who are not trusted friends or family. Additionally, you can review your geotagging preferences for Flickr to ensure that you are not sharing more location information than you would like.
  • Report abuse to Yahoo! Think carefully about whom you want to communicate with and whom to ignore. If you receive messages that you feel are harassing, abusive or are otherwise unwanted, Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger allow you to block specific users from sending you messages.  Additionally you can report abuse if you receive any unwanted contact or are exposed to content that you feel is inappropriate through a Yahoo! product. 
  • Report abuse through third party applications.  If you receive abusive or harassing messages as comments that show up in Yahoo! Mobile but are hosted on third-party websites go to that website’s abuse page for instructions on reporting abuse. Popular social networking sites like Facebook have their own safety features and abuse reporting procedures.
  • Use trusted third-party applications. Download applications through Yahoo! Mobile only from third-party developers you trust.
  • Utilize SafeSearch. The Yahoo! Safe Search feature is designed to filter out explicit, inappropriate and adult-oriented content from Yahoo! Search results. Learn more about available SafeSearch settings here.


We hope that with safety in mind, you can take advantage of Yahoo! Mobile to enhance your mobile web experience!

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