Yahoo! Message Boards Safety Guide

Yahoo! Message Boards Safety Guide

What is Yahoo! Message Boards?

Yahoo! Message Boards is an online community where you can find and participate in discussions on thousands of topics. The message boards are also part of many other Yahoo! sites, such as Yahoo! Music and Yahoo! Movies.

You can use Yahoo! Message Boards to talk about everything from schoolwork to video games to gardening.

To learn more, check out Yahoo! Message Boards Help.

What are some potential risks on Yahoo! Message Boards?

Everyone on Yahoo! Message Boards must follow the Yahoo! Terms of Service, but just as there may be risks in the town where you live, the Yahoo! Message Boards community may also pose certain risks. Yahoo! Message Boards has safety features, but you have to take care of yourself too.

What can be done to limit these risks? Review our general tips for online safety and the Yahoo! Message Board’s safety features, learn how to report abuse, and ask your family to help you be safer on Yahoo! Message Boards.

What safety features should I know about to help protect myself on Yahoo! Message Boards?

Yahoo! Message Boards has a number of safety features. You should know how to:

  • Use an alias. An alias can be used instead of your real Yahoo! ID when you post a message. An alias without any personally identifiable information is best. For example, instead of "tedjones1992dallas," try something generic like "bluesky50." Learn more about choosing an online ID
  • Don’t post personal information. Yahoo! Message Boards is a public forum, so any personal information posted online could be used by strangers to identify and contact you, potentially exposing you to unpleasant, sexually suggestive, or abusive language.
  • Delete messages. If you accidentally post a message containing too much personal information, use the Deletion Request Form to request that the message be removed.
  • Ignore. To suppress all messages from a specific person on Yahoo! Message Boards, click Ignore User to the right of any of that person’s messages. You can also manage your list of ignored users on the Ignore Settings page.
  • Hide online status. Use this setting to keep other people from knowing when you are online.
  • Use an avatar. An avatar is a custom cartoon character that can represent you on Yahoo! Message Boards and other Yahoo! services. On Yahoo! Avatars, you can create a personalized avatar to use instead of a real, identifiable photo.
  • Report abuse to Yahoo!. To report mature, offensive or inappropriate contact with other people, click the “report abuse” link found near the bottom of every message on the site.

How can I report problems on Yahoo! Message Boards?

Yahoo! Message Boards has a Report Abuse link. Please click this link and complete the form if you are exposed to obscene language, mature content, threats of physical violence, harassment, or anything else that violates the Yahoo! Terms of Service. Make sure to provide specific information about the location of the offending content and the identity of the offending user.

Yahoo!’s customer care team receives abuse reports and takes appropriate action, which may include deactivating an abuser’s account. Reports that indicate activity involving child pornography or solicitation of a minor are dealt with promptly by Yahoo!’s legal team and, when appropriate, reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

What can I do to use Yahoo! Message Boards in a safer manner?

Yahoo! is committed to providing a safe online experience for everyone and, accordingly, complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Yahoo! Message Boards provides a number of safety features to limit potential risks. However, protecting children online is a responsibility shared with parents, teachers, and other caregivers.

You should start by learning some basic practices for online safety These include safeguarding your identity online, keeping passwords secret, being cautious about contact with strangers, and creating a family pledge for online safety.

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