Yahoo! Mail Safety Guide

What is Yahoo! Mail?

Yahoo! Mail is an email service that lets you communicate easily via email, instant message and SMS and stay up-to-date with friends and family from any computer or mobile device with Internet access.

How can I use Yahoo! Mail safely?

Everyone using Yahoo! Mail must follow the Yahoo! Terms of Service, as well as Yahoo! Mail’s Additional Terms of Service.  Just as there may be risks in the town where you live, the Yahoo! Mail community may pose risks, such as receiving unwelcome messages. Yahoo! Mail has many safety features in place to enable you to protect you and your family from unwanted contact.  Safety features for Yahoo! mail are accessible by selecting the “Options” tab and the top of every incoming Yahoo! mail message:

  • Protect personal information. Don’t give out personal information that could divulge your physical location to people who are not trusted friends or family.

  • Report abuse or harassment to Yahoo!  You can report abuse if you receive any unwanted contact or are exposed to content that you feel is inappropriate while using Yahoo! Mail by completing the Abuse form.  Be sure to include as much information as possible when reporting abuse to Yahoo!
  •  Block an address. If offensive messages continue to arrive from the same person, you can block email from coming to you from that person’s email address. Incoming messages from blocked addresses are automatically deleted before you see them.

  • Block images. Images attached to incoming messages might contain sexually explicit or other content that you find offensive. To be safer, adjust your spam features to limit the display of images from unknown senders.

  • Use filters. Filters automatically sort incoming messages based on rules that you set. For example, you could have a filter that automatically puts messages from family members into a “Family” folder. You can also create filters to send unwanted messages directly to the trash. Once you set up filters, you can easily edit or delete them.
  • Think before you open. Viruses are computer programs that harm software, data, and/or hardware. Viruses can arrive in email, so Yahoo! Mail has free, automatic virus scanning and cleaning, but not all viruses can be detected. To be safer, never open emails or attachments from strangers.

  • Mark individual messages as spam. If a spam message makes it into your Inbox, mark it manually as spam. This deletes the message and trains Yahoo! Mail to recognize similar future messages.

How can I report problems on Yahoo! Mail?

Yahoo! Mail has a customer care form to report abuse related to email that you feel is abusive. Please use this form to report violations of the Yahoo! Terms of Service or Yahoo! Mail Additional Terms of Service. Make sure to provide specific information about the sender and content of the offending message.

Yahoo!’s Customer Care team takes appropriate action as necessary, which may include deactivating an abuser’s account.

We hope that with safety in mind, you can take advantage of Yahoo! Mail to enhance your online communication!

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