Yahoo Digital Safety Kit

 Hello! We're happy that you're interested in our Digital Safety Kit. Here, you'll find easy information to guide you and your family in making smart and safer choices online.

What you’ll find:

Learn About Online Safety

 This section gives you information on how to keep you and your kids safer online and to behave responsibly online.

Raising Media-Smart Kids. This Powerpoint presentation covers the impact our 24/7 digital media culture has on kids today and how you can help your kids be safe, smart, and responsible digital citizens.

Answer common questions with easy-to-use tip sheets. What’s cyberbullying? How do I recognize it? At what age should I give my child a cell phone? We’ve partnered with Common Sense Media, a leading non-profit organization providing parents and educators with the tools and information they need to help kids grow and thrive in a digital world, to bring you these tips. Tipsheets are organized by grade level and highlight key areas of concern for parents.

Internet Safety: ElementaryMiddleHigh School
Privacy: ElementaryMiddle High School
Cyberbullying: ElementaryMiddleHigh School
Self-Expression: MiddleHigh School
Location Services: All ages
Security: All ages
Digital Harassment: Middle and High School

Brainstorm with your family on household do’s and don’ts of using technology. We have included three Family Media Agreements for age levels:

Grades K-5
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12

Spread the Word About Online Safety

Help spread the word about online safety with these easy-to-use discussion guides and presentations.

Our discussion guides will get you started. Invite a group of parents in your neighborhood or local school for an informal dialogue on a specific topic, like cyberbullying or security. Use one (or more) of these Discussion Guides from Common Sense Media to get parents thinking and talking about the topic at hand.Each discussion guide includes open-ended questions that ask parents to react to the issue and to share experiences, concerns,and solutions. The three topics covered are:

Privacy & Digital Footprints
Self-Expression and Identity Online

Your local school or community organization is a perfect location to host a Digital Citizenship Family Workshop. We have step-by-step guidelines and script for one 45-minute presentation from Common Sense Media on online safety designed for parents, educators and kids as well as a customizable poster to promote your event. The two topics are:

Rules of the Road Workshop for Elementary School Families
  Print out a workshop poster
Build Your Ideal Community Workshop for Middle School Families
   Print out a workshop poster

Host a Family Workshop

Use our online safety presentation to facilitate a parent workshop. Help get parents at your local school or community organization up to speed about the issues kids face in the digital landscape and to provide practical tips that parents can implement with their families.
Online Safety for Parents

We hope you will find this information helpful as we all take steps to navigate the Web in a safer and responsible way. 

Best regards,
Yahoo Trust & Safety and Common Sense Media



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