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What is ReachOut? is a safe, supportive place where teens and young adults like you can find resources and share real stories about how they got through a tough time. All content is written by teens and young adults, for teens and young adults, to meet them where they are, and help them recognize their own strengths and use those strengths to overcome their difficulties and/or seek help if necessary. The Inspire USA Foundation oversees ReachOut. The Foundation is a non-profit with offices in San Francisco, whose mission is to help millions of teens and young adults lead happier lives. has 4 key sections:

• The Facts provides information on a range of mental health issues

• Real Stories shares personal experiences with mental health issues from teens and young adults and how they got through these issues

• Get Help provides information about how you might find the help you need

• Add Your Voice presents opportunities for you to contribute content to ReachOut and have your opinions become part of the larger ReachOut community.

Is ReachOut confidential?

Yes it is. ReachOut is a space you can use in whatever way makes sense for you. You don’t need to provide any personal information to just visit. However, if you wish to comment on our fact sheets or blogs, you need to provide your email and display name. We will only share your email address if you have posted something we feel suggests you are going to harm yourself or someone else. No one who reads the ReachOut site and your comments will see your email address, only your display name. While you will provide personal information to the ReachOut staff when you submit your story, your story (either video, audio, or written) can be published on the site without the use of your name. It is up to you.


Does ReachOut provide online counseling?

No, ReachOut does not provide online counseling. Our primary reason for using technology-based services like the ReachOut website is to create an anonymous and supportive space where teens and young adults can find the information they need and can voice their opinions and thoughts without fear of being judged. However, there is information on our site to help you decide if you need counseling and resources for how to find someone to help you. Please check out the Get Help section of our site.


Who can I call if I need to talk through an issue?

ReachOut does not provide online, email or telephone counseling. If you are in immediate danger, call 911. If you feel you are in a crisis you should go to our Crisis Help page.

How does ReachOut help young people?

ReachOut provides teens and young adults with a non-threatening first step to explore how they can help themselves through a tough time. We believe young adults and teens have the strength to develop skills to get through a tough time and to feel comfortable with the knowledge they receive to seek additional help for themselves.

ReachOut can help by:

• Improving your understanding of the issues that relate to your mental health by providing information based on the best research evidence reviewed by experts, yet written by teens and young adults like yourself.

• Increasing your skills to deal with a tough time including how to talk to people about what you are going through, how you can solve problems and cope with issues. ReachOut also provides techniques for you to talk to friends and/or family members who might be the one(s) going through the tough time.

• Showing, through increased knowledge about many of the issues you deal with, that getting help is okay.

• Connecting you to other teens and young adults to share opinions and stories and to provide support to each other in a safe and positive environment.

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